DFW Open Coffee Clubs #DFWOCC

It’s a new week, full of new opportunity. Start your days off right with your local community and a nearby coffee shop. Below you’ll find a listing of all of our local Open Coffee Clubs. They’re always free to attend and are a great way to get to know other people just like you.

You wake up every morning, filled with excitement about the technology news of the day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could surround yourself once a week with people just as excited about tech as you are? Imagine a one hour chat, moderated of course, with people that love talking tech because they’re passionate about it? Breakfast burritos and free coffee too?

That’s exactly why DFW Open Coffee Clubs exist. To give people like us a place to open up and be the people we love to be. Bring a friend and enhance the value for everyone.

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Name Location Notes Transportation
#BigDOCC Downtown Serj Books Every Tuesday, 8AM. St. Paul Station. All DART Trains, M-Line Trolley, St. Paul Station. How to get to downtown Dallas
#BigDOCC North Coffee House Cafe Every Tuesday, 8AM. South West corner of Frankford Road and Preston Road. DART Bus, 350.
At BigDOCC North, we are a great mix of startup founders, corporate folks, developers, and more who gather each week to talk about the latest in business and tech. While moderated by the group’s co-hosts, Aimee Bentson and Jason Croft, the entire room participates as we discuss the latest headlines as well as workshop new ideas for entrepreneurs in the room looking to take their businesses to the next level.
#LittleDOCC Denton West Oak Coffee Bar Every other Tuesday, 8AM. On the north side of the square, downtown Denton. DCTA Rail Service.
#FriscoOCC Frisco Nerdvana Every Thursday, 8AM. No DART Service.
#VGOCC Plano Angela’s at the Crosswalk Every Thursday, 8AM. On the south side of 15th street, downtown Plano. DART Rail, Downtown Plano Station.
#VGOCC2 Dallas Dallas Fort Work Coming Soon – Wednesdays, 6PM. St. Paul Station. All DART Trains, M-Line Trolley, St. Paul Station. How to get to downtown Dallas
#VGOCC3 Frisco Nerdvana Every Friday, 8AM. No DART service.
#FWOCC Fort Worth Every Saturday, 10AM. The T, 002, 057
#DTAOCC Arlington Potager’s Other Stuff Every other Thursday, 8AM. On the west side of S. Mesquite Street, just north of E South Street. TRE > DART MAX, 221
#OCOCC Oak Cliff Davis Street Espresso Every Thursday, 8AM. We meet weekly to discuss startup topics and share our experience in Oak Cliff. DART 405, 542
#LowerGOCC Lower Greenville Mudsmith 4th Wednesday, 6:30PM. The DFW’s only EVENING Open Coffee Club. DART 1, 24
#ILOCC Las Colinas Nylo Hotel Every Thursday, 8AM. At Sierra Drive and West Royal Lane. DART 510

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