Astrapi wins SATELLITE 2017 Startup Space

After competing in a fierce pitch competition at SATELLITE 2017 Startup Space, a shark-tank style contest that pits 20
contestants against each other, Astrapi Exponential Communication returns victorious. The Dallas-based company seeks to boost existing communication networks across a wide range of radio communications with the use of a spiral-based modulation.

“For many reasons, satellite communication is a great fit for Spiral Modulation,” said Dr. Jerrold Prothero, Astrapi Founder, and CEO, in a recent press release. “Power and bandwidth constraints combined with a challenging operating environment create a demand for the advanced capabilities of our novel waveform. We are extremely excited to have won the Grand Prize, particularly considering the high level of competition. It is especially rewarding since this was the inaugural Startup Space competition.”

Recently Astrapi has been invited to the U.S. Patent and trade office (USPTO) to take part in a select Site Experience Education program. The company hosted twenty patent examiners at their office in order to introduce the USPTO to spiral modulation. Astrapi has over 40 issued, pending, and filed provisionally or covered under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) among ten patent families. Keeping with their busy schedule, Astrapi has submitted their final National Science Foundation Phase I Technical Report and Phase II proposal at the end of February. To support their efforts, the company has also enlisted the aid of Dr. Fred Harris, who holds the Signal Processing Chair of the Communication Systems and Signal Processing Institute at San Diego State, and Southwest Research Institute for Phase II.

Astrapi has just returned from the first National Spectrum Consortium annual meeting, where government, industry, and Academia work together to identify, develop, and demonstrate technologies necessary to broaden military and commercial access to the electromagnetic spectrum. There is a $1.25 billion budget to optimize spectrum for the Department of Defense, which Astrapi hopes to secure several contracts within the year.

To learn more about Astrapi, visit their website.

Learn more about SATELLITE 2017 Startup Space.

Learn about the National Spectrum Consortium


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