Ep11 – Andy Anderson | What Great Leaders Do

What do highly effective leaders actually DO? 
Today is something different.  I’ll teach you how to change someone’s life, by telling you about someone who changed mine.
Welcome to The Jason Croft Show.  For those familiar with the show, you know that we normally have a great business person with me in the BizMobile as we talk marketing, strategy, sales, and entrepreneurship.  Today’s show is different, though.  Tim Ferriss would call this an in-betweenisode.
I wanted to share something from my life, but I wanted to make sure that it was still relevant to you – and helpful.
I lost someone incredibly special this last week.  The world lost someone.  I haven’t talked to many people about it because it’s hard to convey in passing how important this man was to me and to so many close friends of mine.  You see, to simply say that Andy Anderson was my film professor in college doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of who he was to me and to all of us – our filmmaking family.  Because make no mistake, (and those in film know), when you make movies together – you are family.  And Andy was certainly a father to us all.
Andy was the greatest film teacher we could have hoped for, but when you do it from a deeper place like he did…what happens is so much more than an education in making movies.  What gets taught are the deeper lessons of life – the emotional ones – the tough ones.
So, I don’t know if you can sit down and decide to be a great leader and change someone’s life.  I don’t know that I can give you a set of rules to follow that will make that happen.  But what I can do is share how Andy changed mine, and pull out the lessons along the way.
So let’s lay it out that way.  We’ll treat it like class for a minute.  I think that’s appropriate.


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