From First Live Event to Robert Herjavec – Ep10 – Erin Smith | Entrepreneur Summit

Today we learn about both the pain and the stress of putting on a live event.  And why it’s worth every bit of it.
Welcome to episode 10 of The Jason Croft Show.  Erin Smith is on the show today.  She is an entrepreneurial force of nature.  Erin’s a Business Strategist, a Speaker, a Best Selling Author, and a Podcaster.  And since she didn’t have enough going on, last year she decided to host her first live event:  Entrepreneur Summit.  I’ve been in the live event world for years now.  Let me tell you – it is a massive undertaking.  And Erin pulled it off wonderfully.  I was lucky enough to attend and benefit from all of the incredible speakers on the stage that day.  
I made sure I caught up with her afterward to get her insights into what it really takes to bring an event like this together.
By the way, before we dive in, Erin is doing it again!  Coming up on March 29 and 30th.  She’ll have some incredible speakers on stage including Charles Horton, Will Bunker, and Shark Tanks’ Robert Herjavec.  If you don’t have them already, grab your tickets today at

What valuable lessons for my business peeps out there looking to dive into live events.  I hope you see that it takes a lot of work, but it can really pay off well beyond the event itself.
Make sure you go to and register for Erin’s event.  And if you’re catching this after, hit that link and get connected to her Entrepreneur Summit podcast as well.
If you are looking to put on your own live event or wanting to up your video marketing game, drop me a line at  My 25 years of experience can help you short cut some of the hazards along the way.
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