The Internet of things has not only connected the world, but given an unprecedented level of access to information. Every day, news outlets around the globe are in a race to break stories first. This has led to the rise of ‘fake facts’ or incomplete stories.

 “84% of Americans believe they can spot fake news,” Jerry King, says in his Dallas New Tech talk.

However, 88% were confused about facts due to conflicting information. To solve this growing problem a group reached out to Jerry King for mentorship, and created Wisenews Feed.

This new outlet of information looks to answer the growing issue with fake news by creating a platform for a validated journalists, experts, and other disruption channels to share fact-checked information. Wisenews Feed has partnered with Stanford, NYU, and Uqam. They have already raised $130,000, despite being in the early stages of development.  King and Wisenews Feed encourage users to deliver feedback to improve the platform and look to open for beta soon.

To learn more about Wisenews Feed check out the DNT presentation below.


To sign up for Wisenews Feed: check out their website.



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