Carrollton based SunToWater creates water from thin air.

What if you could harvest water directly from the air? Let’s say 40 to 100 gallons of pure potable water. Would you? How would you use it? To water the yard? Drink? Fill a pool?

That’s exactly the problem Carrollton based SunToWater is solving. Well, technically, they’ve solved it.

The device runs at 0.51kWh per gallon — nearly 70% less energy than almost any other water generator or dehumidifier on the market. That brings the cost per gallon of water down to 3.5¢ to 8¢. If you choose to run it with solar power, you can have a completely grid-free fresh water supply.

Priced at $8,999, the units can be combined to increase output to millions of gallons per day – if your budget can absorb it.

Take a look, let us know what you think. Kudos to Benjamin Blumenthal, Co-Founder and CEO, for bringing a product to market that has the potential to actually change the world.

Learn more at SunToWater.

P.S. Amazing would be to open source the basic machine concepts so people can build DIY versions of the device.

  • Michael Sitarzewski is the Publisher of Launch DFW, co-founder and CEO of Epic Playground, Inc., makers of inboundgeo. He is a veteran entrepreneur (and a TechStars Cloud alum) with a specific focus on Web-based software and services. Sitarzewski has been a part of the internet startup culture since 1994 and has had two exits along the way. After a seven years in the Boulder, Colorado startup community, Michael returned to Dallas, Texas, in 2013 where he’s focused on growing and increasing the visibility of the burgeoning Dallas startup community. He is the EIR at The DEC, a mentor in the RevTech accelerator, and leads several events in the Dallas area. Sitarzewski considers helping people understand and leverage technology his life's work.


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