The Hits Keep On Klink-ing

“You already know what to do. Why not get paid for it?” Or so goes klink’s tagline, emblazoned across their site.

With a current account full of investor cash and the impressive social following to match, klink’s Dallas-based intrepid poobahs have surely lived up to their company’s storied mantra. Wading into some very treacherous e-waters — Facebook’s Instagram-dominated photo sharing sector of the interwebs — CEO Taylor Pierce et al. have innovated yet again and found a way to eke out their own slice of market share in this otherwise highly saturated real estate. From what we’ve seen, they sure as sugar know what they’re doing over there, and here’s why.

But first, what’s all this klink-y business, eh?


klinkpromo klink-o-rama


Let’s illustrate in the form of an example: say you’re a prominent Insta-celebrity in your own right. You post short clips and bathroom selfies and slow-mo videos to your heart’s content. You’re also Snapchatting like a banshee and garnering tons of touchy-feely electronic love, not to mention thousands of likes, and warm fuzzy plaudits from your fans, and would-be admirers. Hosannahs galore, in other words.

Unfortunately, minus klink that’s all you’re getting.

Now you know the expression “If I had a dime every time someone…” Well, consider klink your personal dime bag. Better yet, your dime sack. And here’s the service in a pistachio shell: you, the mega-IG and Snapchat celeb, have the opportunity of getting remunerated to the tune of two greenbacks for every one thousand views of your work. So that sultry beach snap in your favorite two-toned bikini which racked up more than 10,000 views so far? That’s a cool $20 for you! Do this on 100 photos and you’ve collected a whopping two-large. Pretty spiffy, huh?
“The idea dawned upon us as we sitting in our local watering hole. We’re like sipping iced-caps in the corner there flipping through our Instagram feeds and wondering why in be-jayzus we aren’t we getting paid for all of this creativity?” Said Pierce.
They retreat to the warren and within a matter of weeks they create the initial wire-frame for the klink service that bears slight resemblance to what you see today.

We first noticed this app back at Launch DFW and One Million Cups Dallas.  From our standpoint, like that old Timbuk 3 track says, “The Future’s So Bright [I Gotta Wear Shades].”


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