Biz Owner’s Ed Seeking Recruits for January 2017 Class

Biz Owner’s Ed has opened up their application period for their 5th annual class that will officially launch January 10, 2017.  With an application deadline of June 17th, there is no time to waste applying into this prestigious program.  Looking to benefit business owners that have done the hard work and found success but unsure of what to do next, working with the founders, mentors, and guest speakers participants will be better prepared to grow and develop their business and their brand.

Biz Owner’s Ed seeks to make a positive impact on the Dallas/Fort Worth entrepreneurial world by offering business owners an opportunity to learn from some of the brightest in the field to help take them to the next level professionally.  Essentially an MBA without the incredible financial and time expense, the ten-week program challenges entrepreneurs to push themselves to learn and grow.  Past participants in Biz Owner’s Ed have been blown away by the opportunities created due to the program increasing their knowledge base and cultivating relationships that can be quite beneficial in the future.

The program focuses on nearly every topic that a business owner would need to know from branding and marketing to capital and culture and everything in between.  Biz Owner’s Ed is looking for leaders that are committed to growing their companies, even if that means confronting hard truths.  For those wishing to apply, you must have significant ownership in the company and more than five employees.  The company must be at least seven years old, and there needs to be annual revenues of at least one million dollars each year.  While these requirements set the bar very high, Biz Owner’s Ed will waive the requirements if the candidate for the program is committed and prepared for the rigorous course of study.


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