Dallas Startup Week held a panel discussion about Life After Series A for healthcare startups. A Series A is considered a company’s first significant round of venture capital financing.

Dr. Jonathan Clarke, CEO of Mend, moderated the panel that included Paul Herchman, CEO of Thermi; Lea Nesbit, CEO of Natural Dental Implants; and Tom White, CEO of Phynd Technologies.

The experience

Herchman of Thermi, an aesthetic medical device that lifts and tightens all parts of the body, explained his journey from development to the purchase of his company by an international pharma company from Barcelona for $75 million.

Nesbit of Natural Dental Implants has been working for startups during her whole career. Her most recent company makes dental replacements in the European Union. She has been involved in five Series A projects and sold her last company, which made behind-the-teeth braces, to 3M.

White of Phynd Technologies develops enterprise software to hospitals. His recent software is dedicated to helping hospital employees communicate better using next the evolution of new communication tools.

The conversation

Clarke began the session by saying that everyone comes from all walks of life, but the one thing that ties these entrepreneurs together is hard work and dedication.

The panel covers topics from the company lifecycle from inception, to Series A, to changes in corporate culture after the Series A along with the need to always be fundraising.

Watch the video above to hear the amazing journeys of these entrepreneurs.


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