Q&A With Matt Alexander: Dallas-Based Imprint Reinvents Branding, Creates Top iOS Download

Developing a new identity midstream isn’t always an easy choice. But in the case of the Dallas-based company Imprint, the decision turned out to be a genuine need. It wasn’t performing quite as well as the other concepts falling under the sustainable, unique products that come under the Edition Collective umbrella.

But with a recent branding change under the direction of in-house designer Claire Johnson, who is also behind all of the clothing at Foremost, Imprint’s app just made top status in the iOS store in under two hours.

In this Q&A, OneThirtySeven founder and style guru Matt Alexander talked to Launch DFW about the recent success, as well as the need for a sea change.

Launch DFW: How does it feel to have a top-rated iOS app?

Alexander: Great! We knew we’d built something of substantial quality with Oven Bits, but we weren’t sure how it’d be received by our customers.

So, seeing it arrive in the “Best New Apps” list within the first two hours of launch — in multiple countries and for both iPhone and iPad — was certainly gratifying. Having it all coincide with our rebranding means even more.

Launch DFW: How has it impacted your business? Any new ideas sprout from this development? Anything else you’re working on?

Alexander: Prior to the app’s launch, about 60 percent of our traffic was mobile, but, generally, desktop traffic still performed much better for us. Since the app’s launch, though, about 90 percent of our revenue has been from the app. We’ve had web revenue, but it’s been dwarfed by mobile. Although I’d expected an uptick in mobile revenue, I wasn’t expecting the ratio to lean this heavily in one direction.

We’re now focused on improving the experience, particularly for iPad customers. We’re also thinking about more functionality, particularly around our new Concierge concept.

Launch DFW: How did you want to change the market/world-at-large with Imprint? Has this development brought you closer to your goal?

Alexander: Imprint (formerly Need) was conceived as a dignified means for men to find more interesting clothing, literature, and so on. It’s a niche idea in many respects.

Over the past two years, though, we’ve continued to amass a tremendous amount of users, whilst growing into 44 countries. It might be a “niche idea,” but, as we’ve seen, it’s a fairly big niche.

With Imprint for iOS, I’m expecting this growth to continue, whilst also introducing the idea to an all-new group of people. It’s more convenient than ever, it’s more ubiquitous than ever and it’s much easier to understand than ever before.

Launch DFW: Are there any good, hard numbers that help tell your story? Sales revenue, number of downloads, etc.?

Alexander: We’re still parsing through everything, but we’ve had tens of thousands of downloads at this point.


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