Improve Your Health Through DNA Sampling | #BigDNT

During the Dallas New Tech event on April 12, Brody Holohan, cofounder of Verifomics, explained how the company analyzes your DNA and offers personalized methods, centered on your specific background, to improve your health. “The central motivating idea is based on the theory that DNA controls the way your body responds to your lifestyle,” according to Holohan.

Pointing to a study based on weight gain associated with vitamin A, he highlighted a cluster of people who would benefit from the use of the vitamin. He believes that this make people healthier while reducing healthcare costs.

The company claims that it is writing the owner’s manual for your body by reviewing source data from the National Health Institute (NHI) and analyzing it to make predictions about your health. Further testing is done by taking those predictions and having the person choose a remote clinical trial in which they participate. Involvement in the trials does not require travel, samples (23andMe, or FamilyTreeDNA samples accepted), and it is free.

To learn more about Verifomics and how to become part of the clinical trials, watch the video above.


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