Join Us for April Dallas New Tech: Dallas Startup Week Edition #BigDNT

Please join us April 12 at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in wonderful Downtown Dallas for Dallas New Tech! Also known as #BigDNT, this is our opportunity to share some of the greatest tech in the Dallas/Fort Work area with you, the community. This month’s #BigDNT is special because it falls during Dallas Startup Week.

If you’re new to downtown or want to get here using something other than a car, have a look at our guide to getting to downtown Dallas.

Presentations at the event are set to include:


bevThe first platform to utilize bilateral GPS tracking and verification methodology to provide for a safer first interaction between strangers. Berthed from the death of the mother of a close friend of the founder, BEVscore seeks to save lives by preventing malicious interactions between strangers. | Twitter: @Bevscore


CataBoom logo_purpleFounded in 2012, CataBoom is a behavioral marketing platform that helps businesses change consumer behavior by instantly and consistently rewarding them for their engagement with a brand. CataBoom’s innovative technology makes it easy for marketers to create engaging campaigns in minutes across social, mobile and web and build brand love by tapping into consumers’ innate desires to play and win. | Twitter: @ThePrizeSDK


Verifomics logo 1024x1024Verifomics provides proven and personalized medical advice on how to get healthier based on your DNA with achievable changes to your lifestyle. The company improves and validates its predictions with its remote-enrollment clinical trial system (“clinical trials without the clinic”) so that it can make personalized medicine a reality with the highest scientific and ethical standards. | Twitter: @Verifomics


Bluecar LogoBlueCar is a tech company and creators of a marketplace ride app. It opens doors of opportunity for small transportation companies in a ‘big-business’ world. The company takes all of the best components of apps like Uber and applies them to a business model that supports better service, safety and, for the first time in ride-app history, relationships and the freedom of choice. BlueCar also runs the back-office for the drivers collecting payments and facilitating the delivery of earnings, managing the software and the self-marketing tools, and more. It is a full-service lead generator where drivers have the opportunity to operate free of an administrative assistant while enjoying greater visibility than they ever have through traditional marketing means. | Twitter: @bluecarmedia


stock-app-iosMometic is a real-time stock discovery app that helps investors and traders uncover new stock opportunities and protect their investments. Mometic was founded in 2014 and released MOMO in 3Q 2015. Mometic was bootstrapped by Brent Gaynor and is currently building out new functionality to support Android and additional use-cases. | Twitter: @mometicmobile

Happier House

Happier HouseHappier House helps homeowners fix their homes without the rip-off fees by eliminating the middleman, providing homeowners with wholesale prices on materials and all-inclusive pricing on installation. The company saves homeowners time and money by using technology to manage their projects, eliminating the need for a typical “contractor” and their large overhead and salesmen commission fees. Homeowners can expect up to 30% savings on their renovations, repairs and remodeling projects by using Happier House. | Twitter: @HappierHouse

  • Ateanna Uriri is a journalism major at UNT and currently an editorial intern for Launch DFW. When she is not at school or interning, she works as a library associate for the Dallas Public Library and is an active blerd (Black nerd) with a love for books, particularly the graphic variety, old films and documentaries.


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