Austin’s Dark Ages is Dallas’ Enlightenment

Austin’s Dark Ages is Dallas/Fort Worth’s boon. Richard Bagdonas at Tech Crunch laments Austin, highlighting the reluctance of funds to take risks with seed-stage deals and instead looking to focus on later-stage companies. Bagdonas writes of the fact that Austin funds have less money and are focusing more on later-stage deals, making it harder for an early-stage company to seek funding. Yet, Austin’s loss is Dallas/Fort Worth’s gain.

While difficulties for finding funding in Austin exist, in Dallas there are funds available and it is getting easier to raise capital. Funds like Hanger Ventures, Naya Ventures and Deep Space Ventures are taking advantage of the positive environment. As the capital infrastructure develops and grows, the opportunities only become more attractive.

What makes Dallas/Fort Worth so special?  The sharing economy is unrivaled, and there is involvement by the City of Dallas and the local governments in the region creating a welcoming environment to businesses and start-ups alike.

Hangar Ventures focuses on emerging technologies and entrepreneurial practices in already established-industries and invests while valuing the unique culture of the company. Embracing those who are looking to shock the ecosystem over incremental changes, Hangar Ventures is a new player in Dallas looking for the right startups to take to elevate.

Naya Ventures focuses entirely on early-stage start-ups and is located in Irving. Focusing on mobile, cloud and Big Data, Naya Ventures looks for startups that have the ability to dominate the market, from those that already have products on the market or in testing.

Deep Space Ventures is an elusive fund, with just an e-mail address on its homepage with a focus on seed and early-stage companies in healthcare, technology and B2B. Launched in the last week, the fund is preparing to make a splash into the Dallas/Fort Worth scene.

While some overlook Dallas/Fort Worth as a worthy competitor to Austin, in reality the region has an ethos that is unmatchable along with government support that is unheard of in Austin. For companies that seek funding, if they have the market fit and it is just a matter of refinement, the money is there for the taking.

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Blog post by: Harmony Tapper


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