Showman Shows Off Interactive Ad Deployment

Marlene Den Bleyker

Showman is an interactive signage company that puts the power of advertising in the hands of the company. According to Tucker McCormack, chief operating officer of the company, the service’s digital sign feature is easy to use and inexpensive due to a platform that is has a user-friendly interface.

The company removes the high-development costs through a content management system, which McCormack equates to WordPress, which allows users to build an interactive display without having any technical experience. He outlined the two solutions the company offers.

The first product Atlas is the company’s premier product that provides users with interactive and customizable experience through a touchscreen experience. Atlas provides the customer with the ability to create and deploy their own content. The second product, Glance, is a directory more suited to the needs of buildings and provides a less interactive experience.

The main target for the service is retail organizations and small businesses that are served by account executives, who help customers deploy their advertising and become self-reliant down the road.

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