Mobile MUM is a subscription-based video streaming service designed to empower both the parents (via parental control) and the kids (who get to select the type of content they view after each video). To a degree, it’s a set-and-forget type of system since parents get to choose the subscription and don’t have to worry later about what their child is viewing or playing. Currently, the service will work on Android, iPhone, and iPad, with plans for Windows Mobile soon. Customers can choose from either a $3.99 per month plan for a single child, or a $4.99 per month plan for up to 4 children.

Like the name suggests, Mobile MUM was founded by a Brit; but Tim Capper took a roundabout way before arriving in Dallas. When Capper originally came to the US, he spent time in California, in the movie business. As the saying in Texas goes, he wasn’t born here, but he got here as fast as he could. Capper started with Vision Wise, and in late 2010 he created Mobile MUM, which is now managed by a core team of six — including Capper, Ryan Hartsell, Wes Martin, Missie James, Scott Ticer, and Stacey Yates.

To help determine what is appropriate for the given age range of kids, Mobile MUM has sought the help of local schools and groups to use as guides. And on the hardware front, Mobile MUM has been in talks with large manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung to get their service bundled with mobile phones and tablets.

The biggest challenge thus far has been getting visibility for MobileMUM in an already crowded market. As Capper put it, “everyone wants their baby to be loved.” Entrepreneurs know that what is considered a great idea to some, may just as easily be dismissed by others, but he is confident that the unique kids environment that Mobile MUM provides, coupled with brand name shows and advanced technology, will bring brand awareness. The company is already seeing a great response in sign-ups for the 30-day free subscription.

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