Image Vision Labs Recognized Internationally

Last Autumn I profiled Image Vision Labs (IVL), part of the Tech Wildcatters inaugural class in 2010. You will recall that IVL produces software to moderate potentially objectionable material as it is exposed to users, and even ensure compliance in the same way in business environments.

Following the demand of the market, Image Vision Labs is moving more toward mobile and social, rather than desktop-based software. They have recently been in discussions with the European Commission (EC), which is essentially the governing body of the European Union, on how Europe plans on embracing and utilizing IVL products. The EC claims to be self-regulating, and maintain that they will be more “hands-on” and actively involved in the filtering/auditing before content reaches the end consumer. This is somewhat in contrast with what’s happening in the US, which to some extent lets the market govern itself and determine what is or is not acceptable content.

Closer to home – just last month, family friendly media network Comstar Media announced they will be deploying IVL’s iGuardian suite of automated video moderation on their network. The suite will allow Comstar to quickly and cost effectively identify and subsequently block objectionable images from ever being transmitted. There is a sweet spot between what content publishers had to choose from previously — either no content moderation or very expensive moderation in the form of human intervention. This sweet spot is where IVL’s concept flourishes.

To help publicize their brand and meet other movers and shakers in the industry, the Image Vision Labs team attended the GSM World Congress in Barcelona in February and is at CTIA in Orlando this month.


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