Velocis Acquires

Velocis Web Technologies announced today that they have acquired for an undisclosed sum.

Velocis is a web development shop started in 2008 by Bradley Joyce and Russ Rosehill. They specialize in Ruby on Rails applications and Twitter-related applications such as TweetSaver and Floxee.

Qwitter is a service that sends you email updates about who has unfollowed you on Twitter on a daily basis. They currently have a premium package available with more frequent updates and other options.

Velocis Founder and Managing Partner Bradley Joyce stated that the main goal is to get the service stabilized and then work on new features.

“The previous development company that was contracted to work on the application has left it with some major performance issues. We will be working very hard over the next few weeks to get the service in a more stable position and we appreciate [our users’] ongoing patience as we work to resolve these pre-existing issues.”

Disclaimer: Bradley Joyce, quoted above, is a contributing author and founder of launchDFW. He took no part in the writing of this story.


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